Secure Harvests Limited (SHL) was set up to promote the development of improved crop varieties for food, fibre and biofuel.  The aim is to raise yields and crop quality within sustainable farming systems, while reducing the need for pesticides and fertilisers.

We use the most effective crop breeding methods including advanced biotech when appropriate. Our primary focus is on crops (such as bananas and potatoes) which currently need massive use of pesticides to achieve good yields. In addition we are working on crops (such as white lupins) with large potential but which to a greater or lesser extent have been neglected by other breeders.

The company was established in 2009 by John Landell Mills and Rod Scott.

SHL, and its sister company BioPotatoes Limited (BioP), work in partnership with leading academic institutions in the UK and elsewhere with the facilities and resources to undertake the complex r&d required.   Our role is to act as a catalyst, carrying out feasibility and business development studies, organising appropriate partnerships, managing complex scientific projects, raising funding and promoting both crop biotech in general and specific applications. We add value through our combined expertise in biotechnology transfer, leveraging an extensive network of end-users in order to recognise business opportunities and develop the appropriate technology.

We strongly believe biotechnology (e.g. marker-assisted breeding, tissue culture, gene editing, transgenics) can and will be a crucial element in stabilising climate change and creating genuinely sustainable agriculture systems worldwide.

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